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Why? Why?!

Boredom? Narcissism?  Honest nostalgia?  Legitimate self-promotion? Commerce.....? Compendium...........? .......FUN!

I’ve been in bands all my life, and I’ve never had more fun than when I’m playing in a band. When I’m not in a band I'm sad and despondent; so I always try to be in a band. I’ve been in a bunch. I’ve been in some great bands. I'm in a great band now!

Some truly wonderful people have shown interest in accessing  past - and current - projects (recordings, photos, videos, etc), so it seemed like a good time to pull it all together and throw it all out there.

This site is an attempt to compile a band life, my band life; from The Avon Ladies up to and including my present group, The Crooked Beat. I’m trying to gather it all up and hang it on the line for everybody to see, skid marks and all.
I'm really thankful to some tenacious fans (Annie for one) who hung on to some rickety old cassettes and VHS tapes or a lot of this stuff would be gone forever. Some of it should have stayed gone, but again, let's hang it all out there.

I appreciate all of you who have already purchased music from this site. I appreciate those who will by music from this site. 

The other side of this site I want to dedicate to “Other Fun Stuff”, such as other musicians, screenwriters, filmmakers, cigar smokers, Alton bands, bloggers, chefs, artists; basically all the wacky, nut job, creative people I’ve met whilst playing in bands all over the country. This will hopefully be an ever-growing, ever-changing affair - so tune in every now and then and enjoy.
If this pleases you then here we go……………..