fRITZ bEER & The Peruvian Pipe Bombs

Out Now - New Album.

Jesus dude, this is a really fun record.” - Matt Cade

Tuesday Night Cigar Club

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BIO - Fritz Beer has been playing around Austin (and the country for that matter) for a lot of years. His songs often appear in TV and Movie scores. In the early 2000sands his Austin band Punchy had a KLBJ hit with their regularly rotated song ‘Needle Exchange.’ Recently, at his own Austin studio, he recorded a new album dedicated to his father, a Latino immigrant from Peru. It's a mix of fun rocking songs in both English and Spanish - and a full compliment of plunder phonics -  depicting stories told to him by his late father.

Below are press blurbs about the artist:


Good vocals, tight back beat and superb songwriting are only the beginning of this top notch band. - The Global Muse - Gunther G.


Fritz Beer has made an indelible mark on the local and regional music and club scene with his impressive live show and unforgettable original songs. - Front Porch Magazine - Rob Grogan


 I've been a fan of singer/songwriter/front man Fritz Beer for several years now….He's a true American songwriter. - Tuesday Night Cigar Club - Matt Cade


What makes Fritz appealing is the positive feel and the emphasis on songwriting. The music is diversely original, and Fritz manages to keep a sense of humor throughout the many subjects he tackles. - The Dailey Texan – Stephen Palkot


Beer writes down-to-earth good-hearted, spirited tunes that stick to the bones….good songs! - PopMattters – Scott Hudson


Vocally (Fritz) Beer wavers between a Joe Strummer snarl and Graham Parker's soulful whine. - Creative Loafing, Atlanta – Smith/Robertson