Tuesday Night Cigar Club Podcast

In the swirling smoke and belching eruption of everything "Craft" a lone Podcast blips the radar for lovers of "small batch" and "hand made", but feel lost in the burgeoning world of Non-Corporate corporatism. Take cigars and beer; we all love one or both now and then. Take movies; as earthlings we love movies, and we all have a guilty favorite.

The TNCC analyzes these three profound elements of American Society and delivers them up to help you, the life long student of smoke, swill and screen. Each week four regular guys give you the skinny on notable cigars and beer. Not White Owls and Buds, but good stuff you can get without too much bucks. Then there's movies. Their choices may odd but the analysis is funny, insightful and full of trivia nuggets. 2 outta 3 times these guys know what they're talkin' about half the time, and the result is fun, informative  and entertaining as hell.