Single: El Carro de Gustavo (full album coming soon)

About This Album
Before I get accused of appropriating language and/or accents, remember, my father was an immigrant from Peru, and while he lived in the US for over 60 years, he never lost his strong accent and remained a Big Ole Latino his entire life.

This album is dedicated to my Father, and in these songs I sing (or speak) in his voice. This is how my father spoke to me and my brother and sister. We would often imitate him to each other - poking fun, sort of, until we met all our other Peruvian relatives. In any case, it was the vernacular of our house.

In these songs I try to relate conversations, attitudes, phrases  and stories that my father imparted to me. I try to relate his accent, his manner of speaking, and hopefully some of the mysterious Spanish wisdom derived from simple phrases in a romantic language. I always loved my fathers stories. Turning them into songs, be they goofy, fun or sometimes serious seemed like a good tribute. I hope you enjoy it!  

El Carro de Gustavo
It could have been the Chico they call el Chavo
Gustavo went to see the motion picture Rio Bravo
I didn't want to see it so I said see you tomorrow
And that's when someone stolen el carro de Gustavo


Someone has stolen the car of Gustavo
Someone has stolen the car of Gustavo
Alguien robó el carro de Gustavo

Tomorrow we will travel to la casa of your sister
And we will all enjoy la cerveza de Budwieser
And we will see your tios, tias promos and your primas
But have to take an Uber cause Gustavo's car is stolen


Gustavo should have never left the key under the mat
In Peru las ladronas (the thieves) know where every key is at
He parked on el cesped (the lawn) 'cause Gustavo was borracho
And that's when someone stolen el carro de Gustavo