Cottonmouth is a hard rockin' Alton Band, and I mean hard. It's crazy, trippy, tight-ass, metal straight outta River City! Check out the song just below and their site at:

One of Alton's best bands. This CD proves why and holds up to this day.

Why? A Chicago Band, but lead Singer/Songwriter, Marc Hausmann, is straight outta Alton.

Juggernaut Alton band Judge Nothing. This is a link to their brilliant album "I'm A Big Girl Now" available on THICK RECORDS

Beatty (aka Baytron) - Born in Alton, IL, raised in Alton, IL, rappin since sixteen, reppin for everybody... go big or go home... stay conscious...

Why? Because Eric Hensley, from Autumn Clock, was in this band and this is a great little batch of songs! I, for one, will "Never go out in the rain".