fRITZ bEER & the Crooked Beat

Fritz Beer - Vocals, Guitar
Dave Baker - Bass, Vocals
Elzy Linsey - Drums
Simeon Hickman - Guitar

About fb & the Crooked Beat

The Crooked Beat are an Acoustic/Americana rock band out of Asheville, NC, headed by Singer/Songwriter Fritz Beer. Beer writes spirited, songs about good-hearted people who sometimes go astray, told with a voice that waivers somewhere between a Joe Strummer snarl and a Tom Petty whine. It's American music informed by rock, country, soul, and English rock, laid out in a simple acoustic format.

Cajon player Elzy Lindsey and acoustic bass player Dave Baker are the Crooked Beat. They come to Asheville by way way of New Orleans courtesy of Katrina. Louisiana's loss is North Carolina’s gain. This joined-at-the-hip rhythm section has been making bands and singers look better for years. In this all acoustic format with Beer their skills truly shine.

Fritz Beer & The Crooked Beat can be seen playing often in Asheville and the surrounding area. Please see the CURRENT SHOWS page for a current listing.