FIRE CONE - Asexual Creature - December 2015

Once again, my apologies for being late. Family matters have kept me out of town and not on target with The Single (Song) of The Month.
But while not timely I’m dead on the money with great music you should love – and I will tell you why.
This months song is called Asexual Creature by a band called Fire Cone. Fire Cone hails from Fredericksburg, VA., a whacky little town between Richmond, and D.C. It’s on I-95 so, while small, it has a lot of traffic; a lot of comers and goers, stayers and players. It’s a town that Nicholas Cage would call Wild At Heart and weird on top. And it’s home to many great artists and musicians.
Fire Cone is an Art Rock band. Well, an Art Rock/Garage Band; so don’t tune out just yet. Art rock done right is a wonderful genre. And to be done right the artists must NOT take themselves too seriously. If taken seriously and rendered heavily it’s ponderous, over-wrought and over-thought. On the other hand taken irreverently, with an eye toward beauty and a tongue in cheek, it becomes fertile ground for fun, interesting and original songs: Songs about hot sauce, songs about Dim Foie gras, Songs about Ray Guns and other such fun. So art rock is not to be feared; only it’s shoe gazing, highbrow purveyors.
Fire Cone’s advantage is that the art part comes from two talented visual artists (a painter and a sculptor), while the rock part is straight up Garage. In other words, they’re excellent visual artists but only play their instruments so well. What flows from that is a simple beauty and a simple eloquence that defies typical rock norms. It’s like having a beautiful piece of Italian marble but only another dull rock with witch to carve it; or a fine blank canvas and a rough horsetail brush and a bucket of Sherwin Williams.
Yet, like any good artist would, the boys (Ken Crampton and John Sweton) rise to the challenge, and the result is interesting, sexy, fun, and bazaar tunes that stands a little outside of what we generally think of as Rock-n-Roll. They can’t necessarily play everything they want on their instruments, but they do play what they want. Does that make sense? And the songs and sounds they come up with are pure, raw goodness, unfettered by knowing too much about Rock-n-Roll clichés.
This months song, Asexual Creature, is a bouncy, groovy, dirty, sexy, bizarre song about I don’t know what. I do know is it gets you right in the crotch, and with a lot of art and with a lot of Rock-n-Roll, that’s a good place to be got.
Please enjoy Asexual Creature and other Fire Cone songs. Thank you for coming. Thank you for your patience.
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